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Watershed Unit ES2 is part of Alberta Fish Management Zone 1 that covers the eastern slopes along the Rocky Mountains. This unit is situated roughly from Sundre to Drayton Valley and west to Banff and Jasper National Parks.


The fisheries in Watershed Unit ES2 fall under the jurisdiction of Alberta Environment and Parks, Red Deer – North Saskatchewan Region, Rocky Area.

Sportfishing Regulations

Current sportfishing regulations for this Watershed Unit can be found on the Alberta Guide to Sportfishing Regulations website at:

Area News

  • Birch Lake (near Burnstick Lake)

    Birch Lake is now aerated each winter, allowing year-round survival of trout. Prior to aeration, Brook Trout were stocked because of their capability to survive slightly lower oxygen levels than other trout species. However, Brook Trout are difficult to catch in the summer, so once winter aeration was in place the management option of mixed species stocking was considered to provide a better year-round fishery at Birch Lake. The addition of Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout, along with a fishing regulation change designed to allow trout to grow somewhat larger was put out for public consultation in 2013. The majority of anglers were in favor of the proposed changes, so starting in 2014 the following actions were implemented:

    • Mixed stocking: 55 per cent Brook Trout, 39 per cent Rainbow Trout, and 6 per cent Brown Trout.
    • Fishing regulations: Open all year – trout limit 3, of which only 1 may be a Rainbow Trout. The use of legal bait is allowed.

    The mixed stocking is expected to result in a trout population (not angler catch proportion) of roughly 50% Brook Trout, 25% Rainbow Trout, and 25% Brown Trout. Of the species stocked, Rainbow Trout are far more vulnerable to angler harvest hence the limit of 1 Rainbow Trout. For more information, contact one of the Fisheries staff listed at the bottom of this web page.

Area Fisheries Information

Fisheries information related to the Rocky Area is available below. For further details on the contents of these articles, please contact the Fisheries staff listed below.

Bathymetric (Depth) Maps

Bathymetry maps are available for the following lakes:

  • Beaver Lake
  • Birch Lake
  • Burnstick Lake
  • Fiesta Lake
  • Ironside Pond
  • Jackfish Lake
  • Mitchell Lake
  • Phyllis Lake
  • Shunda Lake
  • Strubel Lake
  • Swan Lake
  • Tay Lake
  • Twin Lakes
  • Yellowhead Lake

To view black and white or colour maps for these lakes, see:


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