RFS Forms and Reports

Alberta’s Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) requires renewable fuels be included in fuels that are sold to customers like gasoline and diesel. This information is for industry members on meeting regulation requirements.

Emissions Standard

Municipal Waste Guideline

Forms and Paperwork – Validation

  • Alberta GHGenius - Index to Sheets in the Spreadsheet- Oct 2017 (1 sheet, 8.1 MB)
    The Alberta GHGenius Model (© Copyright Her Majesty The Queen in Right of Canada (2002-2013)) is the most current version of the spreadsheet-based modelling tool referred to in the Renewable Fuels Greenhouse Gas Emissions Eligibility Standard. It is used by renewable fuel industry stakeholders to calculate greenhouse gas emissions for the components of the life cycles of fuels.
  • Greenhouse Gas Validator - Statement of Qualification- Mar 2016 (2 sheets, <1 MB)
    To be filled out only once by those wishing to be approved as qualified validators to confirm that renewable fuels meet the Emissions Standard.
  • Renewable Alcohol and Diesel Validation Certificate- Nov 2018 (2 sheets, 91 KB)
    To be completed annually by a qualified validator to confirm eligible biodiesel or renewable alcohol has been produced according to the Lookup Table for Established Pathways in Appendix 1 of the Emissions Standard.

Forms and Paperwork - Annual Compliance Reporting

Approved Greenhouse Gas Validators

A list of individuals that have been approved by the Director to work as greenhouse gas validators for the purposes of the RFS is available.

Renewable Fuel Providers

A list of companies that may be able to supply qualifying renewable fuel for the purposes of the Renewable Fuels Standard Regulation.

RFS Volumes


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