Qualifying Renewable Fuel Providers

The following companies have requested to be included in Alberta Environment and Parks’ (AEP’s) list of renewable fuel providers for the purposes of the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) Regulation.

Please note this list may not include all renewable fuel providers. Fuel suppliers and approved contributors are free to deal with other renewable fuel providers which are not listed here.

In no way shall Alberta Energy’s list of renewable fuel providers be construed as:

  • an endorsement of any of the companies listed
  • a guarantee of the quality or quantity of the renewable fuel that is provided by any of those listed as renewable fuel providers

AEP assumes no responsibility whatsoever for

  • any dealing undertaken amongst fuel suppliers, approved contributors and renewable fuel providers
  • the accuracy of this list

It is the responsibility of the fuel supplier or approved contributor to ensure that it purchases renewable fuel from a renewable fuel provider holding a current validation, whether or not the company is listed here.

If you would like to include your name on this list, please submit your request to:

List of Qualifying Renewable Fuel Providers – Alcohol and Diesel

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Renewable Alcohol Fuel Providers

Name: Ace Ethanol LLC
Plant Location: Stanley, Wisconsin, USA
Email: nkemmet@aceethanol.com
Phone: 715 644-2909

Name: Big River Resources Boyceville, LLC
Plant Location: Boyceville, Wisconsin, USA
Email: Brian.Kieffer@bigriverresources.com
Phone: 715 643-2602

Name: Blue Flint Ethanol
Plant Location: Underwood, North Dakota, USA
Email: adunlop@blueflintethanol.com
Phone: 701 442-7503

Name: Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company (CVEC)
Plant Location: Benson, Minnesota, USA
Email: cfriese@cvec.com
Phone: 952 465-3220

Name: Denco II, LLC
Plant Location: Morris, Minnesota, USA
Email: mick.miller@energetixllc.com
Phone: 320 585-7901

Name: Permolex
Plant Location: Red Deer, Alberta, CA
Email: rcook@Permolex.com
Phone: 403 347-7557

Name: Plymouth Energy, LLC
Plant Location: Merrill, Iowa, USA
Email: casey@plymouth-energy.com
Phone: 312 386-5890

Name: Red River Energy, LLC
Plant Location: Rosholt, South Dakota, USA
Email: rserie@redriverenergy.com
Phone (Office): 605 537-4450 ext 110
Phone (Mobile): 316 712-8392

Name: Terra Grain Fuels Inc
Plant Location: Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan, CA
Email: ceyben@terragrainfuels.com
Phone: 306 345-2280

Renewable Diesel Fuel Providers

Name: City Farm Biofuel Ltd. (no website available)
Plant Location: Delta, BC, CA
Email: gary.conrad@telus.net
Phone: 778 241-8753

Name: Incobrasa Industries
Plant Location: Gilman, Illinois, USA
Email: Kerry_Fogarty@incobrasa.com
Phone: 815 265-9125

Name: Milligan Biofuels Inc.
Plant Location: Foam Lake, Saskatchewan, CA
Email: landerson@milliganbiotech.com
Phone: 306 272-6284

Name: Minnesota Soybean Processors
Plant Location: Brewster, Minnesota, USA
Email: Taryl.Enderson@mnsoy.com
Phone: 507 842-6677

Name: Renewable Energy Group (REG) – Albert Lea, LLC
Plant Location: Albert Lea, Minnesota, USA
Email: don.nelson@regi.com
Phone: 515 239-8140

Name: Renewable Energy Group (REG) - Grays Harbour, LLC
Plant Location: Hoquiam, Washington, USA
Email: Todd.Ellis@imperiumrenewables.com
Phone: 206 254-0203

Name: Renewable Energy Group (REG) - Ralston, LLC
Plant Location: Albert Lea, Minnesota, USA
Email: don.nelson@regi.com
Phone: 515 239-8140

Name: Renewable Energy Group (REG) – Seneca, LLC
Plant Location: Seneca, Illinois, USA
Email: don.nelson@regi.com
Phone: 515 239-8140


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