Approved Validators

The following is a list of individuals who have authorized Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) to post their names on Government of Alberta websites as greenhouse gas validators for the purposes of the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) Regulation.

In no way shall this list of greenhouse gas validators be construed as:

  • A guarantee of the quality of the work conducted by the individuals listed here
  • An endorsement of any of the individuals listed here

AEP assumes no responsibility whatsoever for:

  • Any dealing undertaken between any greenhouse gas validator and other parties
  • The accuracy of this list

It is the responsibility of the parties dealing with a greenhouse gas validator to ensure that the greenhouse gas validator meets the qualifications described in the RFS Regulation, whether or not the individual is listed here.

If you would like to include your name on this list, you must authorize Alberta Environment and Parks to do so by completing and submitting the Renewable Fuels Standard Greenhouse Gas Validator "Statement of Qualification". To access this form, see:

List of approved greenhouse gas validators

The following individuals have been approved by the Director to work as validators for the purposes of the RFS:

Name: Darren Achtymichuk
Company: Darren Achtymichuk Engineering Ltd.
Phone: 780 554-6455

Name: Klym Bolechowsky
Company: ClearSky Engineering Inc.
Phone: 403 982-5596

Name: Jennifer Packer
Company: GHD Ltd.
Phone: 519 884-0510

Name: Stuart Porter
Company: Biofuels Consulting Canada Inc.
Phone: 519 203-2191

Name: Bradley Saville
Company: Chemical Engineering Research Consultants Limited (no website available)
Phone: 416 978-7745

Name: David Thompson
Company: Thompson Environmental Consulting, Inc.
Phone: 515 225-4303


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Updated: Oct 5, 2018