Continuous Emissions Monitoring

Mandatory reporting of continuous emission monitoring data came into being in Alberta with the April 2007 release of Part I of the 2006 Amendments to the Air Monitoring Directive, 1989.

The Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) Code establishes requirements for the installation, operation, maintenance and certification of continuous emission monitoring systems. These requirements will ensure effective measurement, recording and standardized reporting of specified emissions and other parameters.

In addition, the code establishes requirements for alternative monitoring systems and for the quality assurance and quality control of continuous emission monitoring data.

Monitoring operators can now submit required monitoring information electronically.

CEMS User Manual

The CEMS User Manual provides CEMS data providers with guidance on file formatting, coding and submission of CEM data.

Industrial Sign-Off

Final verification of electronically submitted data is required; this can be done via the Industrial Sign-Off page. Please Contact the CEMS User Coordinator for a username and password.

CEMS Mailing List

The department has an automatic emailing system that will distribute information on CEMS monitoring and reporting to those who subscribe to the list. Subscription to this list is open to all department staff, industry, NGOs and consultants, as well as members of the general public.

To receive notification related to CEMS monitoring and reporting, please sign up to the mailing list.

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Contact the CEMS User Coordinator if you require further information concerning reporting for your facility or are interested in training on the CEMS online reporting.


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Updated: Mar 16, 2017