Electricity Emissions Management

In 2006, Alberta Environment (now Alberta Environment and Parks) adopted the recommendations of An Emissions Management Framework for the Alberta Electricity Sector Report to Stakeholders from the Clean Air Strategic Alliance (CASA).

This agreed to framework is aimed at comprehensively managing air emissions, including continuous improvement of air emissions standards for electricity generation in the province of Alberta. The following diagram illustrates the seven major components of the framework which were designed to lead to improved performance and emission reductions.

Seven major components of Emissions Management Framework: Standards for new units; Requirements for existing units; Stakeholder review at 5-year intervals; Monitoring transparency & accountability; Continuous improvement, Renewable & alternative energy; Energy efficiency & Conservation

Originally projected reductions were:

  • Mercury: 50 per cent (end of 2009)
  • Nitrogen dioxide: 32 per cent (by 2025)
  • Particulate matter: 51 per cent (by 2025)
  • Sulphur dioxide: 46 per cent (by 2025)

To date, the framework is working as previously agreed to and being actively implemented.

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