Clean air is essential for a high quality of life. The decisions each of us make every day in our homes and businesses affect the quality of the air we breathe. We all share the responsibility for clean air – ensuring healthy communities, ecosystems, and a sustainable economy for the future.

Alberta’s Air Quality Management System uses a comprehensive approach to managing air quality. Components of the system include, among other things, regulation of industrial emissions, tools to address non-industrial emissions, ambient air quality monitoring, setting of ambient air quality objectives, and the continuous reporting of the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) for communities across the province.

The Environmental Monitoring and Science Division, airshed organizations, Environment Canada, and industry operate a comprehensive network of air quality monitoring stations across Alberta.

There are many ways Albertans can participate in clearing the air in Alberta. Simple actions people can choose are to drive less and try to be idle-free whenever possible. Use transportation smarter by carpooling, using public transit, walking or riding bicycles.

Learn about the air quality near you – download the AQHI Canada App at:


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Updated: Jun 30, 2016