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This app is designed for:

  • Android Smartphone
  • Android Tablet
  • iOS (iPhone/iPod and iPad)

The AQHI Canada app provides hourly updated AQHI and daily forecasts for all AQHI communities across the country. The app is designed for both English and French (depending on the user’s mobile device settings) and includes a map feature, user-defined push notifications, and GPS functionality to locate your nearest AQHI station.

Data provided by Environment and Climate Change Canada, Alberta airsheds and Alberta Environment and Parks.

AQHI Canada App Web Buttons

Image can be hyperlinked to

AQHI Web Widget Use Document- May 2016 (11 pages, <1 MB)

Learn how you can use our widget to embed Air Quality Health Index information onto your community webpage.

Education Resources

Fact Sheet & Poster

AQHI Poster - Apr 2016 (1 page, <1 MB)

Learning Stations

The Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) learning stations booklet is developed by Environment Canada. Educators can choose from six 30-minute learning centres for their grade 5 or 6 students, building skills in literacy, communication, reflection and problem-solving.

Developed directly from provincial and territorial curriculum documents, topics include:

  • Environmental health issues
  • How media, peers and family affect decisions
  • Outdoor safety
  • Ways to prepare for and predict various weather and/or air quality conditions

Available in English and French.

Online Courses

This free, web-based course through the University of British Columbia offers health care providers

  • A comprehensive overview of air pollutants
  • Guidelines for health professionals to advise patients on reducing impacts of outdoor air pollution on their health
  • The health effects associated with air pollution for susceptible populations
  • The use of the AQHI as a risk communication tool

Accreditation is available to many health professional groups.

Resource Kit

Health Canada’s Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) Resource Kit is available upon request. This kit is useful for teachers, health practitioners and others that want to teach people the usefulness of AQHI. The resource kit includes a colourful folder containing:

  • A small poster
  • Flip-top brochure
  • Slide rule
  • Tear sheets

Available in English and French. Printed version only.

School Curriculum & Activities for Teachers Gr. 1 to 12

AQHI Curriculum Links and Activities - May 2016 (3 pages, <1 MB)
AQHI Fortune Teller Game - Apr 2016 (1 page, <1 MB)
AQHI Introductory Activity: Fact or Fiction? - May 2016 (2 pages, <1 MB)
AQHI Letter to Parents and Caregivers - May 25, 2016 (1 page, <1 MB)
AQHI Primer for Teachers and Educators in Alberta - May 25, 2016 (1 page, <1 MB)

Supplementary for Grade 5 Weather Curriculum.

Presentations can be requested through:

AQHI Straw Asthma Experiment- May 2016 (3 pages, <1 MB)
Clean Foundation’s ‘Eddie and the Air Out There’ game and teacher resources.

Media Resources

AQHI Key Messages- May 2016 (2 pages, <1 MB)
Reporting Forecast Changes in the AQHI- May 2016 (2 pages, <1 MB)

Promotional Materials

The following AQHI promotional items are available upon request:

  • AQHI magnets
  • AQHI tri-fold brochure, rack cards, tear pads and posters

For more information, contact:


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