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Wildlife Week School Activities

Wildlife Week takes place annually in the first week of April, and it is a great time to raise awareness and understanding about Alberta’s diverse wildlife in your school.

Activity Ideas for Schools

Here are some ideas that might inspire action in your school:

  1. In your library, have a display of grade appropriate books with animal or wildlife themes.
  2. Have a school assembly and invite in a championship bird caller.
  3. Have a webinar in your classroom. The Canadian Wildlife Federation presents engaging sessions (15-25 minutes) that relate to conservation, wildlife and habitat; geared to grades 4-6. To reserve a spot, visit the Canadian Wildlife Federation website at:
  4. Ask a local wildlife biologists to speak to you school about the importance of wildlife and what species lives in the natural region your school is located in.
  5. Get your school to be a champion and spokesbody for wildlife. If your school is near a water body, get involved with Amphibians; near a wooded area, do work for songbirds. Get students involved in Citizen Science.
  6. Create a trivia game on Alberta’s Wildlife and compete class by class.
  7. Get your classroom or entire school involved in the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s Habitat 2020 program. This program offers funding awards for class or school projects developed to learn about wildlife. Some project suggestions include: habitat improvement initiatives or creative approaches to wildlife education.
  8. Create posters and line the hallways with wildlife. Call the art show, "Now, That’s Diversity!" Assign each grade level with a taxon:
    • Grade 1 – Insects
    • Grade 2 – Amphibian and Reptiles
    • Grade 3 – Fish
    • Grade 4 – Birds
    • Grade 5 – Plants
    • Grade 6 – Mammals

    Adapt for older grades.

  9. It’s time to start a Nature Club. Find out who is interested and just start something fun.
  10. Young children connect with animals and nature easily. Ask them what they want to do for wildlife.
  11. Research the lifecycle of butterflies. Have students design a butterfly garden. Make a presentation to the school administration or Parent Council and propose a garden be installed.

Information and Resources

Alberta Environment and Parks

See our website for profiles of a number of wild animals and plant species found in the Province of Alberta.

Other Websites

Visit the Canadian Geographic site to find fact sheets on particular Canadian animals, classified by species and by province:


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Posted: Mar 21, 2017