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Water Week School Activities

Water Week in Canada is a week-long celebration of water and coincides with World Water Day on March 22.

Use Water Week as an opportunity to raise the profile and students' understandings of water.

Activity Idea for Schools

Here are some ideas that might inspire action in your school:

  1. In your library, have a display of grade appropriate books with water themes.
  2. In your class, have a fish bowl (like a ballot box) where students drop in ideas on how to use water wisely at school. Make a daily "Drop" announcement that is randomly drawn from the fish bowl.
  3. Create a class or school banner. Visit the following website:
    • Water Footprint Network – Multimedia hub

      Print off some of the graphics seen on this website and look at how we use water. During Water Week, have each student think of a water action they will commit to. Post them on a large school banner in the gym or as a class on the bulletin board.

  4. School-wide pledge: "I pledge to conserve water and to use water wisely. I pledge to..."
    • take shorter showers
    • use less water in the bathtub
    • use a broom (not the hose) to clean the sidewalks
    • use a bucket and turn off the hose when I help clean the car
    • collect rain water to water the garden and yard with
  5. World Water Day is March 22. Discuss with class what the day means and what individuals can do.
  6. Take a minute for water - have a collective moment of contemplation.
  7. Organize a team of Water Warriors. Their job is to encourage all students to use refillable water bottles. They will also remind students to clean bottles with soap and water at least once a week.
  8. How does water recycle? Make water wheels or design a watershed. Include how you will reuse water within a watershed.
  9. Design a Rainwater House Challenge. Rainwater is relatively clean waste water and may contain traces of dust. The challenge is to build a house where rainwater can be used. How would you design plumbing to make household rainwater possible?
  10. Host a debate/discussion or an essay contest: Do we use water wisely?

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