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Water Week Family Activities

Water Week in Canada is a week-long celebration of water and coincides with World Water Day on March 22.

Celebrate by participating in some fun and informative water-related activities.

Activity Ideas for Families

Here are some ideas to celebrate with family and friends:

  1. How much water do you consume through your everyday activities? Calculate your home "water footprint". Visit the Home Water Works website at:
  2. This year’s Canada Water Week theme is "Watersheds 101". Visit the Canadian Geographic Protect Your Watershed website:
  3. Explore ways to reduce your water consumption at the Water website:

    Have each family member commit to simple actions to help conserve water. Write down your commitments, post them in a visible spot in the house, and think of creative rewards for sticking to them! Example commitments might include:

    • Post in the bathroom: "I will turn the tap off while I am brushing my teeth and take 5-minute showers."
    • Post in the kitchen: "I commit to conserving water by running the dishwasher only when full".
  4. Take a field trip! Visit a local wetland and see how many different wetland species you can find. Visit a local stream, river, lake, or wetland and clean up litter along the shoreline.

    Explore the online resources below to help you plan your Alberta wetlands adventure!

  5. Install a rain barrel in your backyard to collect rain water for use around the yard. Paint it together as a family!

  6. Where does your drinking water come from? Conduct a "blind taste test" and see who can tell the difference between bottled vs. tap water.

    Discuss the benefits of not drinking bottled water and commit to using reuseable water bottles and drinking tap water as much as possible.


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