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Below are links to Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) online engagements. Share your thoughts with us! Your input helps us better target our efforts as stewards of Alberta’s air, biodiversity, land and water.

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Northern Pike and Walleye Management Frameworks

Provide feedback on fisheries management in some of the waters where fish populations are at a low-to-moderate risk status for long-term sustainability, and where new Recreational Fisheries Management Objectives are being proposed. This is Phase 3 of the engagement.

Survey Opens: Nov 22, 2017
Survey Closes: Dec 12, 2017 4:30 PM

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Water Literacy Survey

Current Status: Open until Mar 31, 2018

About this Survey:

Environmental literacy can be described as the capacity to perceive and interpret the relative health of environmental systems and to take appropriate action to maintain, restore or improve the health of those systems.

One who is environmentally literate will think, plan, and act with the environment in mind. Environmental literacy can include air, water, land, and/or biodiversity which are all inter-related to each other as well as discussions around sustainable growth and development.

This survey is an assessment tool to determine the current state of water literacy among Albertans. This assessment tool was developed through the Alberta Water Council's Water Literacy Project Team. Your input is extremely valuable in helping the Government of Alberta and its partners understand Albertan's current level of knowledge, attitudes and actions concerning water. This survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Survey Results:

No results available at this time.

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