Budget Highlights

Highlights from Environment and Parks 2017 Budget

Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) is committed to ensuring the province's environmental, social and economic goals for the future are met.

The ministry works with other ministries and the support of Albertans to achieve four desired outcomes:

  • Environment and ecosystem health and integrity;
  • Sustainable economic diversification;
  • Social well-being; and
  • Protected public health and safety from environmental conditions and events.

Climate change, conservation and recreation opportunities in provincial parks and protecting Alberta's communities, families and businesses are some of the key areas of interest in this year's work.

Conservation and Recreation Opportunities in Alberta Parks

Alberta's provincial parks and protected areas inspire people to discover, value, protect and enjoy the natural world and the benefits it provides for current and future generations.

Investing in the well-being of Albertans through recreation opportunities and the expansion of conservation areas, including the ecologically diverse Castle area, increases the opportunity to strengthen our tourism and recreation economies.

Protecting Alberta's Communities, Families and Businesses

Ensuring Albertans are safe, secure and protected from weather events and other potential environmental impacts is one of the Ministry's highest priorities.

Since the 2013 floods, we have developed and enhanced existing programs to monitor the impacts and risks of the flood, and to also assist in rebuilding. This budget protects Alberta's communities and shields both families and businesses from the future cost of natural disasters by making investments to build and support the flood mitigation infrastructure our communities need.

Climate Leadership Plan

Climate leadership funding is being reinvested in efforts to save energy, diversify Alberta’s economy, and help households, businesses and communities adjust to the carbon price and reduce emissions.

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