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Corporate Documents

Business Plans

The ministry of Environment and Parks is committed to three-year business planning cycles.

Each business plan states the ministry's desired outcomes over the next three-year period and includes performance measures used to assess the ministry's success in achieving its outcomes. The business plan includes spending targets for the key strategies over the three-year period it covers.


Provincial Budget 2018   Ministry Business Plan/Budget

Current Annual Reports and Previous Business Plans

Like all provincial government ministries, AEP (formerly ESRD) issues an annual report each year, as required by the Financial Administration Act and the Fiscal Planning and Transparency Act. To view these Acts, visit the Alberta Queen’s Printer website at:

Annual reports outline the ministry's achievements and key activities over the previous year. They contain a comparison of the ministry's achievements to the goals that were set out in the ministry business plan and also feature the ministry's audited financial statements.

Ministry Annual Report   Previous Ministry Business Plan/Budget

Business Plan and Annual Report Archives

The Ministry of Environment and Parks was created in May 2015. Previous Annual Reports and Business Plans are available for AEP and the following former ministries:

  • Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD)
  • Environment and Water (AEW)
  • Sustainable Resource Development (SRD)

To access these archival reports, see:


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