Forest Officer

As a Forest Officer in Lands Management, you will:

  • Ensure sustainability of resources within public lands
  • Provide direction and advice to stakeholders for approval of land use applications
  • Conduct field inspections and report on industrial and commercial dispositions and non-disposition activities in the land use area
  • Educate industry, stakeholders and the public on environmental and resource management and protection issues relating to Alberta’s public lands

As a Forest Officer in Forest Management, you will:

  • Assist in the audit of Detailed Forest Management Plans
  • Monitor and report on issues related to forest health
  • Audit Timber Harvesting plans and operations for compliance
  • Complete forest stewardship audits
  • Be involved with the Silviculture ARIS Monitoring program
  • Monitor forest company operations for use of crown timber
  • Participate in fire prevention, operations and administration

How do I become a Forest Officer?

Achieve a technical diploma or degree in Forestry.

Candidates must be eligible for registration with the College of Alberta Professional Forest Technologists or the College of Alberta Professional Foresters.

Knowledge of principles and practices of integrated land management is considered an asset for Land Management Forest Officers.


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Updated: May 16, 2013